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Up to date, CIICA’s members have participated in the following conferences:


Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society Annual Meeting 
Location: Hawaii, USA, June 3-8 2018
Title: Ground validation of satellite based precipitation products in Bolivia
Speaker: Oliver Saavedra (Invited talk)


South America Water from Space Conference 
Place: Santiago, Chile, 26-28 March 2018
Title: Local validation of satellite estimated precipitation in Bolivia for applications in hydrology
Speaker: Oliver Saavedra (Invited talk)


PMM/GCOM/EarthCARE Annual Meeting
Place: Tokyo, Japan, 22-26 January 2018
Title: Advances in the validation of GSMaP products in watersheds of Bolivia
Speaker: Oliver Savedra (Invited talk)


Fall Meeting 2017, American Geophysical Union
Location: New Orleans, USA, 11-15 December 2017
Title: Validation of satellite precipitation products using local rain gauge to support water assessment in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Speaker: Oliver Saavedra


Location: Tokyo, Japan, January 23-27, 2017
Title: Advances in the validation of GSMaP products in watersheds of Cochabamba, Bolivia
Speaker: Oliver Savedra (Invited talk) 


8th IPWG and 5th IWSSM Joint Workshop
Place: Bologna, Italy 3-7 October 2016
Title: Water balance in the semi-arid Cochabamba valleys using satellite precipitation products
Speaker: Andrés Vallejos


19th International Water Technology Conference (IWTC)
Place: Sharm ElSheikh- Egypt, 21-23 April 2016
Title: Hydrological and Environmental Aspects of International Rivers and Deltas
Speaker: Oliver Savedra (Invited talk)


International Science Conf. on MAHASRI
Place: 2-4 March 2016, Tokyo
Title: A research framework of Mega Deltas in Asia and Africa,
Speaker: Oliver Savedra (Invited talk)