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Hydrological simulation for the water balance of the Alto-Cochabamba Valley basins


Title of Project: 
Hydrological simulation for the water balance of the Valle Alto-Cochabamba basins

Project Manager:
Oliver Cristian Saavedra Valeriano
Email: oliversaavedra [at] upb.edu

Main researcher: 
Hernan Santiago Ramirez Ortiz
E-mail: hernansro91@gmail.com

The zone of the High Valley is one of the most arid zones of the central region of Cochabamba and with the decrease of precipitations of these last years the problem of lack of water is even more accentuated. Once the Misicuni multiple project has been completed, the dam of La Angostura will be available to the upper valley waters, so it is necessary to have data in order to efficiently and sustainably manage the water resources of the area.

It is proposed: Configure a distributed hydrological model of the upper valley basin, with this having the water balance of the study area, analysis of scenarios and issuing recommendations for efficient and sustainable water management.

In order to comply with the proposal, the following specific objectives are to be met:

  1. Carry out the delineation of the main basin of the upper valley, which contributes to the Angostura dam.
  2. Collect and verify data necessary for a geo-morphological, hydrological and social analysis of the basin.
  3. Configure the model by formatting the input data for the model
  4. Carry out the calibration and validation of a distributed hydrological model that best suits the upper valley watershed.
  5. Carry out, analyze and evaluate simulations of future scenarios that can be presented in the study area and propose guidelines for the integral management of the basin taking into account the High Valley Master Plan.

This study is coordinated with the Departmental Basin Service of the Governorate of Cochabamba. The estimated duration is 8 months, from December 2016.