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Date of creation: September 2015, Rectoral Resolution No UPB-RR-026A / 2015

The Center for Research and Innovation in Finance (CIIFI) focuses its research activities on applied finance topics, with emphasis on issues of national and regional interest. The CIIFI will be in charge of implementing, developing, executing and consolidating the research projects in the Financial area. Its central objective is financial innovation and the strengthening of financial markets, financial institutions and corporate finance. The CIIFI activities are developed in a wide spectrum of research lines, among which we can mention:

  • Financial Intermediation Program: studies will be carried out on: i) financial risk management, ii) regulation of the financial system, iii) financial institutions, iv) competition and structure of the financial market, v) micro finance.
  • Securities Market Program: works will be developed on i) market efficiency and its anomalies, ii) behavioral finance, iii) valuation of financial instruments, iv) fundamental analysis, v) portfolio management and performance evaluation, vi) technical analysis and negotiation strategies, vii) stock market.
  • Financial Products Program: focused on financial innovation through i) design of financial instruments, ii) design of financial derivatives, iii) mutual fund structuring, iv) insurance design, v) financial mathematics and actuarial mathematics, vi) information technology and financial innovation.
  • Business Finance Program: oriented to generate research to strengthen the business sector with studies focused on micro, small and medium enterprises on i) capital structure and dividend policy, ii) cost of capital, iv) financial analysis and financial planning, vi) evaluation and development of new ventures, vii) investment projects evaluation, viii) analysis and design of financing mechanisms, ix) sectoral studies, x) international financial reporting standards.

Consistent with its technical orientation, the CIIFI privileges the use of mathematical, statistical and econometric methods, financial and accounting models, as analytical instruments of applied financial research.