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Creation Date: August 2004, Rectoral Resolution No UPB-RR-012/2004


The CIPI has been created with the purpose of carrying out technical - scientific studies whose main objective is to improve the competitiveness and productivity of industrial companies in the region and the country, within the framework of ecologically sustainable industrial development.

Four research areas have been identified and prioritized and will be implemented through four programs:

  • Natural Resources Program, which involves the development of industrial products and processes, taking advantage of Bolivian natural resources and biodiversity.
  • Ecologically Sustainable Industrial Development Program, with the application of cleaner production techniques and waste treatment in established industries.
  • Energy Efficiency and Optimization Program in the national industry

Control and Mechatronics Program, which will study the optimization of production processes through the application of automatic monitoring and control systems with the use of advanced information and communication technologies.