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Portfolio of Developed Systems

CITIEE began the international agreements with the USA and Spain, then referred its activities to national clients. Here are some of the most outstanding projects:


For USA:



For Spain:

  • System for restaurant orders. http://www.beerstation.com/ - http://www.cormofoodtrader.com/
  • Android system to show events and alarms at the international fair in Madrid.
  • Android system to read the barcode and store the packages of parcels with headquarters in Spain and Bolivia.
  • Web System for tracking parcels, collections, website, of parcels with headquarters in Spain and Bolivia. http://transferlatina.com/
  • More than ten websites for companies in Madrid and Paris.


For Bolivia:

  • System for Android: sales, purchases, clients that synchronize all your data with an ERP.
  • System for Android & iOS: sales and purchases system.
  • System for Android & iOS: the UPB App. 
  • A lot of systems for Unilever S.A. http://sistemasunilever.com
  • Improvement and development of new systems for the Bolivian Private University. http://sistemas.upb.edu/

CITIEE website http://citiee.upb.edu