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The Mission of the Bolivian Private University emphasizes applied research as a fundamental activity of their daily work, rescuing the role of locus of knowledge of the University.

The Vice-Rector for Research is the body in charge of implementing the institutional research policies derived from this Mission, which are translated into the following objectives of the Vice-Rector's Office:

  • Develop research as an essential function of the University to build a distinctive institutional competence in this field.
  • Highlight the research activities due to their quality, their internal and external relevance, their continuity in the medium and long term and their scientific and economic sustainability.
  • Introduce the processes of formative research in the field of curricular designs, both undergraduate and postgraduate, as an essential means to achieve quality in learning processes.
  • Execute research projects of scientific-technical and social relevance, particularly for the support to national companies and the economic development of the country.
  • Present the results of research projects through publications in indexed journals and participation in international congresses.
  • Establish a Research Performance Management System to measure, evaluate, manage and improve research processes in all academic instances of the University.