The national and international context requires professionals with deep knowledge of the law, competent, critical, committed to society and who possess the ability to provide legal solutions to international organizations, companies, public and private institutions and in general the whole society.

The Law degree is recognized in the labor market due to the high degree of academic training you receive through personalized and continuing education that is offered by teachers with extensive experience and academic degrees of master and doctorate.

In addition, interagency agreements with prestigious private and public entities (domestic and foreign), allow students to make the use of their knowledge in practice.


The Law graduate is a bilingual (English or French) professional that has the following skills:

• Analysis, interpretation and application of the rule of law
• Deep theoretical and practical legal knowledge in different areas of law
• Skills in judicial, administrative, arbitration and business management
• Effective oral and written communication
• Ethical professional behavior
• Ability to research, innovate and achieve lifelong learning


Attending to the courses related to the area, you can choose one of the following majors:

• Corporate Law
• International Law

Total credits: 201

Duration: 8 semesters